Invest in Commercial Grade Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate allows an individual investor to invest a minimal amount of money to own a partial interest in a multimillion-dollar property. Capital Investments has a proven process for selecting strategically located properties which minimize risk for the investor. The process begins by selecting real estate that is strategically located. Next, we generate a feasibility study to determine if the site meets our high standards for development. With a positive outcome, Capital Investments will conduct our due diligence to confirm the study’s findings. During this phase, we are simultaneously seeking to establish the best financing options to maximize returns and reduce risk. We do this by seeking the right amount of leverage along with the appropriate financial terms, best suited for each investment.    

After performing due diligence we close on the property and begin development. Throughout the development phase, we continually monitor and manage the investment to stabilize the investment. The annual dividends are distributed to investors, along with the proceeds at distribution based upon their pro-rata share in the investments.



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