Invest In Your Future

By Investing in Commercial Grade Real Estate and Your Community

Capital Investments seeks to minimize risk with strategic site selection, pre-underwriting, development, construction and stabilization of the property. Rather than offering just any property, we specifically choose and vet properties thereby offering our investors a better deal flow. Our process provides our investors with targeted opportunity for a positive return on their investments. 

The JOBS Act provides individual investors with the opportunity to pool their investments. This platform gives an investor the chance to own a share of multimillion dollar commercial real estate. The effect of pooled investments allows individuals to own shares of commercial real estate, receive the benefits of distributions, but avoid the daily hassles of property management and day to day operational issues. Our investors have access to office buildings, retail sites, industrial sites, and other commercial real estate.

Typically, real estate investments provide shareholder distributions based on the individual property and the type of investment selected. Some types of properties provide predictable cash flows and targeted returns, while others include funding for developments which could mean that distributions may not occur for years.




Economic Advantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate:


  • Appreciation
  • Tax advantages
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Income
  • Higher annual dividends than stocks and bonds, based on Real Capital Analytics.



Investing in Your Local Community 


At Capital Investments, we give people the platform and opportunity to invest in their local communities. We do this by working with local entrepenuers to help them to raise capital for their business and property. Community members are encouraged to become stakeholders in these local businesses which strengthens the entire fabric of the community.



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