Property Acquisition and Construction Process

Make Investing in Commercial Real Estate Work for You

Why it works and how to make it work for you

Have you ever wanted to own high quality real estate, but thought it was out of your realm of possibility?

Capital Investments gives individual investors the opportunity to own a portion of multi-million dollar properties, receive distribution payments as well as a portion of the sales proceeds by making a relatively small investment.  The Jobs Act lets individual investors own commercial real estate and earn targeted returns previously available only to large investors.

Capital Investments has a proven and successful track record in the commercial real estate investment industry.


Capital Investments uses the following five premises of investing to drive high quality, low costs and minimize risks:  


Strategic site selection of a good property


Pre-underwrite the investment


Development of the property


Construction on the property


Stabilization of the property



These five premises drive high quality, lower costs and minimizes risk. We put our investors first by committing our own funds to the development of properties, then offer them for sale to our investors which aligns our interests with yours. During the time that the property is held investors receive distributions, and when the property is sold, each owner shares in the sale proceeds based on their percentage of investment. 


If you are interested in investing a small amount or more, you can choose the specific properties in which you would like to invest. If you want to make an investment of $50,000, you can diversify your investment by investing $20,000 in one property and the other $30,000 in a different property. Each investment is monitored through the Capital Investments investment platform. Distribution information, tax documents and pertinent information is disseminated to each investor.


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